Bruck Law Offices is a collection law firm, meaning we are capable of methods and speeds of collection that regular collection agencies aren't. We deliver value and results so you can focus on what matters to you: your customers.

Contact with Debtors

Contact with Debtors - Debtors are more likely to accept contact from an attorney and take it more seriously. Even the most brazen debtors take our calls.

Ability to Sue - Debtors are more likely to pay their debts when they know legal action is right around the corner.

Legal Action - Collection agencies are not empowered to take legal action, we are.

Handling Payment - So you don't have to. When we start collecting your bad debt, debtors pay us and we pay you, so you can focus on paying customers.

Payment Agreements - We will negotiate payment arrangements with debtors who can and will pay, and enforce those agreements if they can't.

Ability to Act

Judgments - We represent you in court to secure legal recognition of debt.

Garnishments - When debtors refuse to pay what you're owed, we go to court to garnish their wages.

Liens - When debtors can't pay or don't earn an income, we can attach your debt to real property, ensuring your debts will be paid.

Out of State - We don't quit if the debtor moves to another state.


Collection Agencies - Collection agencies often charge low recovery rates, but once legal action is needed, prices skyrocket.

No Billable Hours - No need to worry about overzealous attorneys racking up billable hours. Our attorneys do not record billable hours, so you will always receive consistent value.

Attorney Fees & Court Costs - State law puts the responsibility for attorney fees and court costs on the other side, so you won't have to worry about losing income to legal action. Attorney fees are set by statute.

Contingency - We only get paid when you do, so you can trust your bad debt is being pursued vigorously.  

In Depth Guide

If you'd like a more in-depth guide to how we can help your business, our team has created some excellent resources here.