Each staff member utilizes a Dell computer with Intel Core i5 processors and Windows 7. All data and applications reside on a centralized file server running Windows 2008. For security purposes, data is not stored on local workstations.

System backups are performed daily using Carbonite Cloud Backup Services and is stored offsite. Access to the internal network systems is restricted to internal systems only, and is separate from internet traffic. Access to the internet is strictly controlled through a firewalled router.

Bruck Law Offices, S.C., maintains a secure FTP site to accommodate all required data transfers in ASCII as well as other formats. Access to the FTP site is restricted to authorized users maintained by Bruck Law Offices, S.C. Internet servers for our FTP site are located on-site for increased security and are behind the firewall. System security is reviewed on a scheduled basis by an outside consulting firm and appropriate system patches are loaded to maintain a high level of security. All data received or transmitted by our firm is scanned for virus corruption. The virus program is updated on a regular basis.

Bruck Law Offices, S.C., uses Collection Master, Version 8.6 from Commercial Legal Software, Inc., to maintain all collection data and financial information. This comprehensive software package is customized to fit our needs and the needs of our clients and also allows for the tracking of accounts after placement. Our system has over 300 fields where information pertaining to an individual account can be stored. The vast quantity of information that can be maintained in our system allows for a variety of options for the user.

Collection Master includes the ability to calculate interest on all judgement cases, automated tracking of payment arrangements and customized reports containing nearly any aspect of any given account. The software package maintains a computerized calendaring system for court dates, broken payment arrangements, etc. All actions taken on each account are documented to maintain comprehensive and accurate records of each and every action, verbal or written. Bruck Law Offices, S.C. has successfully utilized this system for over two years and is used by major collection law firms across the country. The Collection Master series gives our firm the ability to generate ad-hoc historical, financial, or operational reports as well as providing web-based reporting via a secure web site.

Collection Master allows for electronic transfer of account information via EDI and FTP downloads.